Continental, Healthcare

Continental HIV programme

Number: 100.1020

Mission 21 supports its partner churches' HIV projects in the DR Congo, Tanzania, Cameroon, Nigeria and South Sudan. Healthcare and HIV expert Emery Mpwate provides support for the project partners on the ground. Activities focus on preventive and educational programmes to avoid new infections and to counteract the stigmatisation of people living with HIV. Those affected and their family members receive support through self-help groups, measures to increase their economic strength and programmes for orphans.


  • Selective educational and preventive work for the target population, including counselling and HIV tests

  • Homecare and support for affected individuals (nursing, palliative care, terminal care, support for AIDS orphans and caregivers in the family, etc.)

  • Basic and advanced training for employees in HIV work (education, prevention, support and nursing care for those affected, treatment with ARTs, etc.)

  • Basic and advanced training for peer educators within the target groups (especially young people and young adults)

  • Social and economic support for people with HIV and their family members

  • Ongoing development and networking of partner organisations' programmes by healthcare expert Emery Mpwate

  • Representing interests and active lobbying work in church, political, business and social circles (advocacy)