DR Congo, Cooperation programme

Cooperation programme in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Number: 197.1001

The cooperation programme groups together all Mission 21's projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) and orients them towards a common objective. This enhances the impact of the individual projects. By donating to the cooperation programme, you will make it possible for your donation to go to those projects in the DR Congo where money is most urgently needed. This avoids over- or under-financing.

Background information

Due to its history as a mission organisation, Mission 21 is closely linked to the Kwango region in the southwest of the DR Congo, which is one of the geographical focal points of the work of Mission 21's partner organisations in the DR Congo, along with the main city. The first mission stations of the Evangelical Mission in the Kwango (EMIK), which is now one of the three supporting organisations of Mission 21, were established here. The population of the region lives almost exclusively from simple agriculture. They mainly grow manioc and peanuts, but also vegetables and fruits. Kwango province is one of the poorest parts of the country. It has no great economic importance and is therefore neglected by the government. For months, the villages are cut off from the world because the rain makes the poor, single-lane sand roads impassable.

Where state structures are lacking and the state only insufficiently fulfils its responsibility for the population, churches often step into the breach. This is also the case in the province of Kwango and in the poor districts of Kinshasa. For example, the partner church CEK maintains a health service, primary and secondary schools, a vocational school and an agricultural project, thus making a significant contribution to basic services.