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Ecumenical Centre for Social Justice

Number: 426.1007

The Centro Ecuménico Diego de Medellín (Diego de Medellin Ecumenical Centre, CEDM) strives to achieve greater social justice in Chile. The Centre offers a platform where problems that hamper social development can be considered. These include discrimination against women and unequal distribution of income. The CEDM plays its part in the cultural transformation of Chilean society and promotes citizen participation. The focus is on values such as solidarity, sustainability, commitment to the environment, social justice and peace culture.

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The CEDM organises workshops and discussion series on socially relevant issues, aimed at launching reflection processes and identifying possibilities for practical action to bring about a fairer society. At the core of this work is the endeavour to link experiences of faith and community with social and cultural experiences. The issue of gender equality is consistently integrated into all the activities. The CEDM aims to become increasingly involved in advocacy for women's concerns and rights.

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