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Education for disadvantaged children and youth

Number: 256.1004

Attendance at school is not a given for large numbers of children and young people in rural areas of Indonesia and Malaysia. In many cases, only primary-level education is available. Once they reach secondary school age, the children have to travel long distances. If they want to attend higher-level schools or vocational training courses, they have to relocate to district or provincial capitals. Many families are unable to afford the costs of school fees, uniforms, study materials, accommodation and food. In some regions of Borneo, moreover, girls are married off while they are still minors, and they no longer attend school. For these reasons, Mission 21's project supports children and young people from poor backgrounds and remote regions by awarding scholarships for secondary school and vocational training, and also by offering places in residential homes for school students.

You can find the latest reports on project work at the time of the Coronavirus in our News.

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  • Scholarships for children and young people from poor backgrounds in Indonesia (Kalimantan and Papua) and Malaysia (Sabah)

  • Special scholarships for girls from Borneo

  • Networking forums for alumni after they have completed their scholarships

  • Setting up Community Learning Centres jointly initiated by alumni and village communities in Sabah and Papua (activities include playgroups for children, income promotion for women, training on current problems such as expropriations, destruction of the environment, women's rights and violence in families)

  • School students' residential homes in Waropen (Papua) for children from remote regions

  • The Protestant Church in Sabah (PCS) maintains three residential homes for school students so that children from remote regions and poor backgrounds can have access to secondary and high schools. The school students' homes are located in Kudat, Sikuati and Solimpodon Pitas.