Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Education

Education for social change

Number: 200.1010

In Asia, pastors are important actors on the path to more peace and justice. They are trusted figures who often enjoy more recognition in the communities than representatives of the state. The quality of their education and training is therefore the focus of this project. Teaching and practice at church training institutions should prepare the future pastors to deal with the challenges of their grassroots communities, such as land grabbing, discrimination against minorities and restrictions on the free practice of religion.





- Long-time international collaborators Tobias Brandner (CUHK) and Daniel Gloor (STS) from Switzerland, as well as Indone-sian Elizabeth Mesdila (LS-PCS), are important intercultural bridge-builders as lecturers in theology and broaden the horizons of students as well as interested persons in Switzerland. 
- Promotion of pastoral care for marginalized and vulnerable people, including prison chaplaincy by Tobias Brandner in Hong Kong, where his clients include well-known actors in the democracy movement.
- Developing interdisciplinary and practical theological training programs incorporating contextual social science methods to address current challenges facing the church, such as social diaconal responsibility, politicization of religion, democracy in the age of postmodernism, and public theology. 
- Providing scholarships for theological education programs to prepare students, especially women, from disadvantaged backgrounds for their role as "agents of change" in society.
- Educational activities for the students' partners, who will later traditionally also take on an important role in church work.
- Co-funding of salaries of faculty from marginalized and vulnerable social groups
- Continuing education for teaching staff, including training on the "pastoral circle" and interreligious cooperation
- Feminist-theological seminars to empower women in leadership positions in church and society 
- Summer schools and study trips
- Funding for publications and library endowment on contextual theological topics, including feminist theology
- Scholarship fund for targeted research assignments

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