Tanzania, Education

Education for social change in Tanzania

Number: 186.1504

Providing sound, broad-based theological training is one of the most urgent tasks of the churches in the South. Well-qualified pastors are essential for the churches to continue successfully tackling social challenges. Prospective pastoral staff in Tanzania must be more than merely good theologians. They also require skills that will enable them to carry out social and welfare work in their congregations. Mission 21 supports theological education in terms of personnel, scholarships for female students and further training for lecturers and pastors.



The following activities are planned for 2022:

• Promotion of teaching, specifically in the areas of inclusion, gender justice, peacebuilding, Christian-Muslim relations, ecumenism and prevention of HIV and domestic violence.

• 6 scholarships for bachelor studies for disadvantaged women.

• Internet-access for schools

• Promotion of networking and exchange with national and international theological training institutions.


Video (in German)

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