Cameroon, Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation

Emergency relief and reconstruction in Cameroon

Number: 134.1003

A confrontation between the central government of Cameroon and the English-speaking population in the west of the country has been escalating since autumn 2016. According to official figures from the UN, more than 570,000 people are on the run, while almost 400,000 recently returned to their often completely disintegrated homeland. They live in the forests and in the provincial capitals of Buea and Bamenda or in French-speaking Cameroon; at least another 60'000 people have fled to Nigeria.

Cameroon's churches and local NGOs have great potential for containing the conflict and supporting the suffering people, as they are anchored and accepted in the population. Mission 21's emergency relief and reconstruction project uses this potential to build a comprehensive, sustainable humanitarian aid programme, together with churches and local NGOs under the overall coordination of UN-OCHA.


- Distribution of food and clean water to displaced people

- Medical aid

- Provision of non-food items (e.g. blankets, tents, hygiene products)

- Education and training for people without work. Displaced people and also young people who have stayed in the villages receive IT training, for example. Carpenters and other construction experts are also being trained. They can help rebuild the country after the crisis.

- Trauma healing and psychosocial support for the often severely traumatised IDPs is becoming increasingly important and is crucial in order to offer sustainable assistance. Meanwhile, there are four counselling centres run by Mission 21.