Nigeria, Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation

Emergency relief and rehabilitation in Nigeria

Number: 162.1012

The attacks and violence of the terrorist organisation Boko Haram in the northeast and armed conflicts between different ethnic groups in central Nigeria have brought suffering to the affected people and caused more than 2.5 million to flee. The conflict situation is very volatile. While people in some regions live daily with the fear of violent death, some of the refugees have been able to return to their home areas. There they face the arduous task of rebuilding their livelihoods. Together with the local partner organisations EYN and EPRT, Mission 21 provides emergency aid with life-saving measures, supports the reconstruction of destroyed livelihoods after the return of the displaced people and accompanies traumatised persons through psychosocial measures.


• The survival of population groups affected by disasters is ensured through emergency aid measures.

• People affected by disasters are supported in rebuilding their livelihoods.

• Refugee women and men are empowered to earn a living through vocational training.

• Orphans and vulnerable children have access to basic education.

• The vulnerability of local communities in the face of humanitarian disasters is reduced through preparedness measures.

• Communities affected by violent conflict and humanitarian disasters are empowered to effectively respond to and manage crises through organising relief efforts.