Nigeria, Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation

Emergency relief and rehabilitation in Nigeria

Number: 162.1012

The violence perpetrated by the Boko Haram terrorist militia in north-eastern Nigeria and the armed confrontations between different groups of the population in the country's central region have inflicted suffering on millions of people. The conflict situation is also highly volatile. There are still several regions where people live their daily lives with the fear of violent death, although the population has been able to return to some other areas where they face the huge effort of reconstruction. Together with its local partner organisations, the Church of the Brethren, Nigeria (EYN) and the Emergency Preparedness and Response Team (EPRT), Mission 21 provides emergency relief by implementing measures to safeguard lives; it also supports those who have returned home with reconstructing the basis for their subsistence, which has been destroyed in the meantime. In addition, Mission 21 assists traumatised individuals by providing psychosocial support.


• Training for local specialists in risk reduction and disaster management

• Establishing local and coordinating structures for disaster preparedness

• Coordinating local disaster relief strategies with other government and civilian actors

• Providing vitally necessary commodities, clean water, accommodation, sanitary facilities and medical care

• Providing psychosocial support for traumatised individuals impacted by conflicts and violence

• Creating opportunities for internally displaced people to become self-sufficient and earn an income

• Opening up access to education by financing the schooling of orphans and children with special needs for protection

• Support for people to return to their home villages and rebuild them