DR Congo, Education

Empowering women in the Kwango and in the slums of Kinshasa

Number: 197.1808

In the last programme phase, the activities of the Women's Federation were fully integrated into the agriculture, health and school project. In the new phase 2022 - 2025, the Women's Federation will again carry out an independent project at its own request. This is to increase the visibility of the Women's Federation and its projects. The increased autonomy is also intended to strengthen the position of the Women's Federation within the partner church CEK.
The Women's Federation will continue the seed project that was successfully set up in the previous programme phase as part of the agricultural project, as well as provide vocational training for some young women.


Food sovereignty:
- In practice-oriented courses, women farmers learn how to improve their own seeds and maintain the local diversity of plant varieties.
- Women farmers receive training in agro-ecological farming.
- As income-generating measures, small animal and cattle breeding are promoted in various villages.
Vocational training:
- In three training centres, young unemployed women receive training as seamstresses and hairdressers.
- Women are sensitised to the issues of women's economic rights and gender-based violence.