Bolivia, Agriculture and livelihood security

Family gardens and handicrafts for a better life

Number: 420.1017

This project aims to help farming families in the commune of Ayata to boost their agricultural productivity and benefit from balanced nutrition. Family incomes are also increased by production and sales of hand-crafted textiles. In January 2014, Mission 21 embarked on a new partnership with the Machaqa Amawta Foundation which operates this project. The foundation focuses on intercultural education and agricultural production, and on strengthening indigenous village communities. Special attention is also accorded to promoting women's rights.

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• Introducing new vegetable gardens for farming families and schools, and continuing to cultivate gardens that already exist

Support for agricultural activities from advisers on the ground

Organisation of training courses on agroecological production

Organising workshops and cookery courses on healthy nutrition and appropriate treatment of foods

Continuing operation of the Vitocota handicraft centre, providing support and advice for market studies, credit applications for procurements, and tapping local and regional markets.

Training, advice and support for the four men's and four women's organisations