South Sudan, Agriculture and livelihood security

Food and livelihood security in South Sudan

Number: 179.1021

Warlike conflicts have been raging in extensive areas of South Sudan since the end of 2013. However, one region is so remote that it is only affected indirectly: this is Pochalla district. Mission 21 supports an integrated agricultural project here: by improving agricultural methods, our partner organisation PRDA (the Presbyterian Relief and Development Agency) is boosting yields from harvests. This will enable the farmers living there to provide better nutrition for their families, so they will not need to buy expensive imported food. As well as providing agricultural support, the PRDA is improving the learning environment at primary schools and making it easier for people to access water and sanitary facilities.


The primary objective of this project is to improve the standard of living for the population of Pochalla district. Sub-goals:

  • Improved food security

  • Transfer of knowledge on health, agriculture and education

  • More enrolments at primary school level and an improved learning environment

  • Improved health for the inhabitants


  • Training local staff

  • Training contact farmers in improved agricultural methods and participatory procedures

  • Eco-farming

  • Distributing seeds, equipment and tools

  • Building classrooms

  • Building protective enclosures around wells

  • Building toilets