DR Congo, Food sovereignty

Food sovereignty in the DR Congo

Number: 197.1813

The project promotes the holistic and sustainable development of agriculture and creates the conditions for sufficient and balanced nutrition. Strategically, it is closely aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 2. The central themes of the project include the promotion of agro-ecological practices, the production of local seeds and income-generating measures such as clover breeding or the establishment of fish ponds. Food production is exclusively on a small scale and is mainly carried out by women. The project therefore places a special focus on the empowerment of smallholder women farmers.


Improving the food situation through agro-ecological farming:
- Mushroom cultivation: Construction of two model production sites, training of farmer families on mushroom production, production of mushrooms.
- Chicken farming: Construction of sheds, training and breeding.
- Vegetable production: improving production by teaching agro-ecological methods
- Honey production: training and setting up of beehives
- Production of high quality seeds
- Prevention of erosion through reforestation

Income-generating measures:
- As income-generating measures, small animal and cattle breeding as well as the establishment of fish ponds are promoted in various villages.