Peru, Education

Holistic theology in the indigenous context

Number: 476.1022

The Seminario Andino San Pablo (SASP) Theological College offers theological training at both basic and university levels. The university training is addressed to future pastors. It is provided in collaboration with the Latin American Biblical University (UBL) of Costa Rica. The SASP's headquarters are located in the city of Huancayo in the Central Andes of Peru.

One of SASP's focal areas is providing support for women, so the College offers dedicated academic theological training and a theology course for women. The institute also conducts theology courses in communities in the nearby rainforest.

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  Providing degree and 'bachillerato' courses in theology, Bible studies and community work.

  Providing theology courses that respect the native language and culture of the indigenous population of the rainforest.

  Producing the College's own teaching materials which are adapted to the context of communities in both highlands and lowlands.

  Providing continuing education courses for women's pastoral care and workshops for theological reflection on the role of women.

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