DR Congo, Healthcare

Health: primary healthcare for people

Number: 197.1817

This project supports a network of twenty healthcare facilities in villages in Kwango province that are difficult to reach. The network, which comprises three hospitals, six healthcare centres and eleven outpatient treatment centres, is managed by our partner church, the Kwango Evangelical Community (CEK). This three-year project focuses on "soft" modernization of the infrastructure and the installation of new beds and equipment. Computer-aided pharmaceutical logistics will aim to ensure that medicines to treat the main diseases are available to the network at all times. Health advisers permanently based in the villages handle most of the preventive work and public education activities. These advisers receive specific training for their duties, and they are supported by the CEK's healthcare service.


• Ensuring healthcare for the population in the Kasongo-Lunda district of Kwango province.

• Modernising and renovating three healthcare facilities. This also includes the construction of a plant to supply water for the hospital in Matamba-Solo.

• Setting up a central pharmacy for the CEK's healthcare service, and manufacturing cough syrups and ointments with natural products.

• Training the pharmacy staff on the use of cloud-based logistics software. This will help to accelerate the ordering and delivery of medicines for all twenty healthcare facilities in the network.

• Developing a training programme on preventive and educational work in the villages. The focus here is on combating malaria and diarrhoea.