Cameroon, Healthcare

Healthcare and HIV prevention in rural areas

Number: 134.1029

The healthcare services operated by the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC), Mission 21's partner church, ensure basic medical care for the predominantly rural and disadvantaged population. Manyemen Hospital treats people either as in-patients or in its own polyclinics. Many internally displaced people come here to obtain help due to the political crisis in the English-speaking regions. The PCC also endeavours to assist people living with HIV. In collaboration with Aid International – Christian Women of Vision (AI-ChrisWOV), the PCC offers medical treatment and fights for the rights of people with HIV. Income promotion measures offer support for widows, while orphans benefit from school education and medical care.


  Continuous basic and advanced training for medical and technical staff

  Educational and training work covering all areas of the church's work: including work with men, women and young people, at all schools and educational institutions, in adult education and in the healthcare sector

  Public relations and advocacy work with a focus on ending the stigmatisation of people with HIV

  HIV tests and counselling, pastoral care, free dispensing of antiretroviral drugs, home care and support for self-help groups

  Measures to create income for young people and women

  Internally displaced people are integrated into all these measures