Cameroon, Education

Help for most vulnerable people in Cameroon

Number: 134.1007

The project provides support for people in Cameroon who live under particularly difficult conditions. These include, for example, people with disabilities or chronic illnesses as well as widows and orphans or people living with HIV. The women's group Aid International - Christian Women of Vision (AIChrisWoV) offers help to these vulnerable people, together with the Protestant sisterhood Emmanuel Sisters and two orphanages, which Mission 21 was able to take over from the Martin Stucki Foundation. About 1.2 million orphans live in Cameroon. The basic idea of the project work is that no one should be left behind by society. The project activities enable the most vulnerable people to integrate socially and support them in shaping their lives.


  • Almost 50 orphans and unattended young people live in a family environment in the orphanages of the former Stucki Foundation in Kumba and the surrounding area. There they receive schooling and vocational training. 
  • The women of AI-ChrisWoV in Bamenda take care of both medical treatment and rights for people living with HIV. Widows are supported through income generation measures such as further training. More than 100 unattended youths and orphans receive school education and medical care. 
  • The Emmanuel Sisters care for 50 people with disabilities in Foumbot (West Region) and in the vicinity of Bamenda, who are enabled to support themselves as far as possible through support measures.

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