DR Congo, Education

Improved education for children in the DR Congo

Number: 197.1814

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, churches and aid organisations make a significant contribution to the education of children. The partner church CEK looks after more than 150 primary and secondary schools in several poor neighbourhoods of the capital Kinshasa and in hard-to-reach regions of the Kwango province for 36'867 children. Although the state has been paying the salaries of the teaching staff in primary schools in full since the 2019/2020 school year and in part in secondary schools, it does not pay for the construction and maintenance of the infrastructure. One of the goals of the project is to contribute to improving the infrastructure and thus to provide pupils with secure access to education.


- At the centre of the school project is the guarantee of regu-lar schooling.
- Improvement of school infrastructure: replacement of dilapidated schools, construction of hygienic school toilets, etc.
- The school communities (teachers, students and parents) supported by the project team take care of small projects such as school gardens and small livestock breeding in order to generate a small income for the maintenance of the school infrastructure.
- Teachers receive further training to improve the quality of their teaching.
- Raising girls' awareness of gender-based violence, hygiene and human rights.
- Scholarships for children from the poorest families.