Indonesia, Agriculture and livelihood security

Income opportunities for women

Number: 200.1017

Most families in the Indonesian countryside of Kalimantan province make a living from subsistence farming, but many do not have the means to pay for their children’s education. Illnesses or accidents result in great hardship. This project enables women in Kalimantan to earn additional income with their traditional craftsmanship. Their products have been developed further to meet the demands of diverse markets. The women producers now reach buyers for their handicraft through local and regional trade organizations.



  • Training courses on product development, pricing, quality assurance, marketing and business organisation

  • Workshops on the development and manufacture of woven, textile and combined products

  • Founding and counselling of an interfaith cooperative organisation of female producers based in Banjarmasin

  • Cultivation of materials suitable for weaving crafts, in fields and in the jungle (e.g. rattan)

  • Pilot projects on producing and marketing additional products such as traditional delicacies

  • Granting micro-loans for business startups

  • Arranging internships in regional and national production and marketing centres for producers from remote regions

  • Marketing and sales of products through regional trade organisations, espescially APIKRI based in Yogyakarta