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Indigenous women's rights promotion (IDECA)

Number: 476.1008

People of indigenous origin are disadvantaged in the Puno region: they have little influence on political decisions, and are also economically worse off. Women in particular are subject to discrimination. This project therefore strengthens indigenous women. Together with its partner organisation IDECA, Mission 21 supports the indigenous women's organisation OMABASI (Organización de Mujeres Aymaras Bartolina Sisa/Bartolina Sisa Aymara Women's Organisation) in Chucuito Province in the Department of Puno. The objective is to enable women to represent their interests at the political level.

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  • The 'Kullakanaka sartawipa' community school has been established

  • Courses and workshops are organised in seven districts, covering issues such as identity, gender, political participation and community-based leadership, food security, and the environment.

  • Congresses of the 'Mujeres Originarias Aymaras' ('Indigenous Aymara Women') are held.

  • Support and assistance is provided for negotiations with authorities and government offices

  • Broadcast of radio programmes 

  • Socio-cultural research is undertaken and the results are published at the end of the project phase.

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