Bolivia, Education

Intercultural dialogue for diversity

Number: 420.1005

The Andean Ecumenical Higher Institute of Theology (Instituto Superior Ecuménico Andino de Teología, ISEAT) offers theological training at college level to Protestant and Catholic students in La Paz. In addition, the Biblical/Pastoral Programme imparts the basics of Bible studies and pastoral care. All the study programmes take account of the ethnic, cultural and religious diversity of the Andean region, and they reflect a commitment to ecumenism and intercultural dialogue. Amid Bolivia's socio-political conflicts, ISEAT offers the churches a platform to debate current issues and develop a common voice.


ISEAT offers various forms of theological training:

  • Theological studies at college level

  • The Biblical/Pastoral Programme for future congregation leaders. This programme teaches the basics of pastoral care and Bible studies for work with grass-roots groups in the congregations. 

  • ISEAT also undertakes interdisciplinary work with trade unions, local government bodies and authorities, and also with non-government organisations. The Institute raises their awareness so that they can perceive the impact of cultural and religious concepts in their work areas, especially in the contexts of development, social work and intercultural education. Opportunities for continuing education are also offered.

  • ISEAT participates in events and conferences (on topics such as feminist theology, eco-theology and theology in the intercultural context) as well as organising events of this sort itself. In addition, this educational institution publishes academic works as well as 'Revista Fe y Pueblo', an ecumenical periodical that singles out socially relevant issues and examines them from a theological perspective.