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Latin America cooperation programme

Number: 400.1001

The cooperation programme groups together all Mission 21's projects in Latin America and orients them towards a common objective. This enhances the impact of the individual projects. By donating to the cooperation programme, you will make it possible for your donation to go to those projects where money is most urgently needed. This avoids over- or under-financing.

Note: You can find the latest reports on project work at the time of the Coronavirus in our News.

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Background information

Positive changes have taken place in many Latin American countries in recent years: For example, apart from a few exceptions, poverty has declined. In addition, more people attend school. Hoewever these achievements are fragile. This can be seen in developments in some countries, for example in Venezuela or Nicaragua. Human rights and the scope to defend them are also coming under increasing pressure in many other Latin American countries, including the Mission 21 project countries: Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Costa Rica. 

Mission 21's partner organisations are facing up to the challenges: projects focusing on agriculture and livelihood security as well as the educational sector are helping to achieve fairer conditions in Latin America's societies. At the same time, small farmers are given support to improve their production methods and adopt ecological approaches. In addition, a very diverse range of educational opportunities empower people to shoulder responsibilities in society.

Programme goals

The content of the Latin America cooperation programme focuses on two core areas: education (including theological training), and agriculture and livelihood security.

Priority is given to the following aspects of work within the core area of Education: strengthening basic skills (personality development and leadership), together with theological training. The core area of Agriculture and livelihood security focuses on promoting agroecology and food sovereignty.


On the spot


Angel Román Lopez Dollinger and Simone Dollinger are embarking on their assignments in Costa Rica in 2018. Their daughter Alma is also moving to Costa Rica with them. Angel Román is taking on responsibilities with our partner organisation, UBL (Latin American Biblical University, project no. 428.1205). Simone Dollinger is coordinating the theological section of the Latin America programme. Both of them are theologians: Simone comes from Switzerland while Angel originally hails from Guatemala. They spent three years until autumn 2017 with the Comundo organisation in Bolivia, where they also took part in projects supported by Mission 21. Both of them studied in Costa Rica so they have an excellent knowledge of the region where they will be working.



Johanna Drach has been coordinating Mission 21's projects in Latinamerica since July 2018. Before that, she worked as programm officer for Latin America at "Christoffel Blindenmission" in Zürich and as specialist for West Africa at Caritas International in Freiburg, Germany. She studied Romance philology and Slavonic studies in Heidelberg, Germany. Johanna Drach spent the first five years of her life in Benin, West Africa. Today she lives in Arequipa, Peru, wither her husband and son.