Peru, Education

Literacy programme

Number: 476.1019

The literacy project in the southern Andes of Peru mainly provides support for women from rural areas. As well as learning formal academic skills such as reading, writing and maths, about 95 women from six hamlets acquire knowledge about agriculture, nutrition, health and women's rights. As a result of this education, they experience greater respect in their families and in the village community. Some of them have since gone on to perform management functions in various organisations, and they have become active advocates for the development of their communities. This project is run by 'ALFALIT en el Perú', an evangelical development service. The organisation supports various projects to promote women's rights.

Project goals

  • The target population will have better general education (reading, writing, maths, digital skills)

  • The target population plays an active part in political decision-making processes at local level For example, they speak up at community meetings, can express their concerns clearly and are launching initiatives.

  • The target population are made aware of environmental issues, and they implement the knowledge they have acquired in their families and their local environment.