Malaysia, Education

Managers and leaders for a society that is open to the world

Number: 256.1010

The Sabah Theological Seminary (STS trains students to become responsible pastors who will play their part in improving living conditions and will tackle social challenges. Dr. Daniel Gloor, a Mission 21 ecumenical co-worker, works as a lecturer at the STS. In his view, his core tasks are to enable students to deal with texts competently and to encourage them to think critically.


  • Mission 21 supports the Malay-speaking department of the STS in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia:

  • financial contributions towards scholarships and salaries for teaching staff

  • financial contribution to the library

  • Mission 21's ecumenical co-worker, Daniel Gloor, has been working at the STS as a lecturer on the New Testament for more than ten years

  • encouraging indigenous students to study for higher-level qualifications (masters degree and doctorate)