Tanzania, Education

Orphaned and vulnerable children in Tanzania

Number: 186.1509

Orphans are among the weakest members of Tanzanian society. An estimated 1 million children in Tanzania grow up without their parents due to the consequences of HIV. They are highly marginalised and rarely have the opportunity to attend secondary schools. Mission 21's two partner churches (the South and South-West Provinces of the Moravian Church in Tanzania (MCT)) operate four projects aimed at meeting orphans' basic needs and giving them access to education. In this way, they can find their own means of escaping from poverty and dependency.


• Psychosocial support for orphans and foster families

• Inclusion of children with disabilities in project activities

• Taking out health insurance and performing medical check-ups

• Procuring school uniforms and educational materials for children in primary and secondary schools

• Paying school fees for secondary schools and vocational colleges

• Training courses on measures to create income

• Exchange and networking meetings with national and international players

• Participation in regional education campaigns

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