South Sudan, Peace promotion

Peacebuilding and reconciliation in South Sudan

Number: 179.1003

Since 2013, the country of South Sudan has been ravaged by a serious conflict with renewed and increased intensity in 2016. A peace accord was signed in September 2018, however. It must now be implemented at all levels. The promotion of peace and reconciliation are now more important than ever before. Churches play a key role in the practice of reconciliation in the torn apart country. Mission 21 lends its support to its partnering church, the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan, and to the South Sudanese council of churches. Our projects aim to establish nonviolent and just relationships across ethnic and religious boundaries. Working on overcoming traumata and promoting reconciliation helps people in dealing with what they have had to endure without resorting to renewed violence.


Methodologically, our partners rely on the principle of training the trainers: They are taught in courses with the goal of passing on their knowledge and skills in order to reach ever growing circles of the population. The training modules include nonviolent conflict resolution and pathways to reconciliation. Participants are encouraged to conduct themselves in a manner conducive to reconciliation. 

  • “Training of Trainers:” Agents of change learn how to implement peace initiatives and how to pass on their know-how. They are trained to provide psychological support to the South Sudanese people and to the members of our partnering organizations.

  • Setting up international, national, and regional peace and advocacy initiatives.

  • Establishing strong core structures within our partnering organizations.

  • Leadership training for women and youth.

  • Setting up structures that make it possible to pursue peace making at the national and regional levels.

  • “Peace Missions:” Visiting diaspora communities and lending solidarity support.