Worldwide, Special project

Program for Gender Justice

Number: 840.1005

Mission 21 is committed to pursuing gender justice. This will be achieved when everyone will be able to live a life free of discrimination, regardless of his or her gender or sexual preference. In order to reach this goal, the women and gender desk of Mission 21 is working along three strategic lines: advancement of women, advocacy, and gender mainstreaming.

Program Goals

Primary Goal: Gender justice is achieved and self-determination for all women and girls is enhanced. 

Goals of the three thrusts for action:

• The advancement of women will facilitate the access to knowledge for women and girls. They will be empowered towards greater self-determination and acquire new skills.

Advocacy encourages and enables women and men in partner churches and organizations to stand up for their rights at the local, national and international levels.

• Using the instruments of gender mainstreaming, the importance of gender equality in all Mission 21 programs is acknowledged and strategically implemented in all program phases.