Cameroon, Education

Programme development and coordination in Cameroon

Number: 134.1070

The Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) is the largest reformed church in West Africa. It is involved in the educational and healthcare sectors, HIV work and training for skilled workers as well as fair trade. This commitment plays its part in improving living and working conditions for the population, especially in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon. where a conflict with the francophone central government has been escalating since 2016. 

Mission 21 makes an important contribution through its coordination activities on the ground. The local coordinator, Lumumba Mukong, supports the project leaders and partner organisations and coordinates emergency aid with churches, international and local NGOs. Project coordination helps with networking and provides a bridge between the players on the ground and Mission 21 in Basel.


•  Programme management (planning, monitoring and evaluation)

•  Maintaining relationships with the partner organisations and providing support for them, especially for capacity building (developing and expanding skills)

•  Networking and public relations work

•  Ensuring the communication flow between Cameroon and Switzerland

•  Coordination of the humanitarian aid programme, in cooperation with international organisations such as UN-OCHA and the International Red Cross (ICRC).