Nigeria, Education

Programme development and coordination in Nigeria

Number: 162.1010

For 60 years, Mission 21 has maintained projects in Nigeria focusing on healthcare, education, agriculture and livelihood security and the advancement of women. In the last few years, projects in peace promotion and interfaith dialogue have been established. These projects are launched and implemented by partner organisations on the ground. In this way, the local partners fulfill their responsibilities and respond to the people's needs. The partner organisations play their part in sustainably improving living conditions for Nigeria's population. This project strengthens networking among local players and with Mission 21 in Basel, thereby making the work performed more efficient and enabling regular exchanges. This approach also ensures that donations are fully and consistently channelled to effective projects.

You can find the latest reports on project work at the time of the Coronavirus in our News.

Videos, pictures and text out of the Mission 21-network: #SymbolOfHope


• Monitoring of projects implemented in Nigeria (budget planning, evaluation, compiling project reports)

• Organising and coordinating further education courses

• Recruiting employees locally and conducting workshops on project development

• Networking and public relations work, fundraising

• Ensuring the communication flow: newsletters and information about the current situation in Nigeria for recipients in Switzerland

• Advisory activities focusing on peace promotion and security