DR Congo, Education

Programme development and coordination in the DR Congo

Number: 197.1811

Mission 21 supports three partner organisations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo). They work in numerous projects aimed at combating poverty and improving healthcare. A local Project Coordinator assists the partner organisations to ensure good coordination among the various projects. Jules Tsengele, a Congolese national, took over this function on behalf of Mission 21 in spring 2016.

You can find the latest reports on project work at the time of the Coronavirus in our News.

Videos, pictures and text out of the Mission 21-network: #SymbolOfHope


• Promoting cooperation between partner organisations, public authorities and civil society

• Supporting the partner organisations in project accounting and reporting

• Monitoring and controlling the project work using the Project Cycle Management tools 

• Ensure an efficient flow of information between Mission 21 and the projects