DR Congo, Education

Protecting Kinshasa's street children

Number: 197.1210

This project is dedicated to protecting street children from the Camp Luka slum in Kinshasa. To achieve this, the project utilises and supports the collaboration between ACCOJED (Congo Action for Youth in Danger) and the CCEF Institute (Congo Centre for Children and Families), two non-government organisations that already have many decades of experience from the numerous programmes they have carried out in this area. As well as providing immediate aid for neglected street children, the longer-term objective is to reintegrate them into family life and society in general. ACCOJED and CCEF promote reintegration in two ways: by raising awareness about street children's rights among families, schools and churches, and by offering education to the street children in their care. 



Care for 240 children and young people during the project phase 2022-2025:

- Identifying 240 children and young people who are growing up in difficult family circumstances, living on the streets and/or in conflict with the law.

- Supporting the children and young people with food, health, clothing and medical assistance

- Psychological and spiritual support

- Search for the families, mediation and reintegration

- Organisation of sports and socio-cultural activities

Reintegration into the school system and support for vocational training:

- Reintegration of 80 children into the school system

- Placement of 160 young people in training centres and support for vocational training

- Follow-up of 240 children after integration (schools and vocational training centres)

Project progress

The Accojed project was able to implement many of the planned activities despite the difficult framework conditions due to Covid-19. For example, 96 street children and 100 children from "more orderly" backgrounds took part in so-called focus groups dealing with the issue of juvenile delinquency. They have dealt with topics such as non-violent communication and conflict resolution. As a measure to reduce violence between rival youth gangs, a football tournament was organised with the participation of 66 young people. 49 street children took part in a dance course and 32 youths in an excursion. Finally, 57 street children benefited from psychological counselling and 82 from pastoral counselling.

13 children and adolescents between the ages of 10 and 18 (10 boys and 3 girls) benefited from closer supervision by Accojed. These were integrated into an education programme (10 attended regular school, two young men trained as mechanics, two trained as potters and one young woman trained as a seamstress). In addition, these 13 young people were provided with clothes, shoes, training materials and received free health care when needed.


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