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Protecting Kinshasa's street children

Number: 197.1210

This project is dedicated to protecting street children from the Camp Luka slum in Kinshasa. To achieve this, the project utilises and supports the collaboration between ACCOJED (Congo Action for Youth in Danger) and the CCEF Institute (Congo Centre for Children and Families), two non-government organisations that already have many decades of experience from the numerous programmes they have carried out in this area. As well as providing immediate aid for neglected street children, the longer-term objective is to reintegrate them into family life and society in general. ACCOJED and CCEF promote reintegration in two ways: by raising awareness about street children's rights among families, schools and churches, and by offering education to the street children in their care. 

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• Promoting emergency relief and reintegration for 150 street children from Camp Luka.

• The voluntary co-workers of the ACCOJED organisation receive training for their work with street children and support from the CCEF institute.

• ACCOJED organises regular events to raise awareness among families, schools and church congregations about protection for street children and their reintegration into society.

• By improving the infrastructure in Camp Luka, ACCOJED is strengthening its administrative and organisational capacities.

Project progress

The main focus of the project in 2019 was the renewal and expansion of the infrastructure of the ACCOJED headquarters. In addition to the renovation of various buildings, two rooms were built for regular psychological care of street children. In these rooms, a qualified psychologist and a trained pastor provide important social-psychological care for street children from the Camp Luka neighbourhood in Kinshasa. One of the main focuses is the close meshed care of thirteen street children aged between 8 and 20 years. One third of them are girls and two thirds boys. Most of the young people are placed in foster families and can benefit from various educational opportunities which increase their chances of social reintegration. 

In the last two years, a total of 16 ACCOJED employees (50 percent women and 50 percent men) have been trained and sensitised for the work and psychosocial work with street children. Training materials were developed and produced for this purpose. Apart from working directly with street children, they sensitise the population to the "phenomenon" of street children and thus contribute to a different way of dealing with them. 

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