Bolivia, Agriculture and livelihood security

Rays of hope from urban gardens (Focapaci)

Number: 420.1018

Every day, countless farming families abandon their villages to seek a better life in the city of El Alto. Their hopes are often dashed and many of them continue to live in poverty. The 'Centro de Formación y Capacitación para la Participación Ciudana' ('Training and Education Centre for Civic Participation', Focapaci) supports migrant families at various levels – social, political and economic. Together with other relief organisations, Mission 21 supports Focapaci with continuing its predecessor project (2015-2017), which focused on urban agriculture.

Project goals 2018-2021

Goal 1: to apply agro-ecological methods on very small areas and thus eat a balanced and healthy diet.

Goal 2: to boost families' incomes by improving the marketing of surplus vegetables, and through services (such as catering and training of trainers).

Goal 3: to break up traditional gender roles in families by women taking part in urban gardening.