Nigeria, Education

Religion as a factor in peace and development in Nigeria

Number: 162.1006

Religious institutions play a key part in overcoming Nigeria's social problems. Mission 21's partner church, the Church of the Brethren, Nigeria (EYN) has an important part to play in times of war and terrorism. The Church is helping to develop a theological approach to trauma and reconciliation work as well as peace promotion, and it is providing support for these activities. The same approach is also taken to issues such as social role models, gender-based violence and the stigmatisation of people living with HIV. These objectives are tackled through the EYN's basic and advanced theological training programmes. Mission 21 assists the EYN with enabling leaders of society to undergo wide-ranging education so that they can bring about positive changes.

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• Promoting integrated, contextual training for leaders of religious training programmes and ordained pastors

• Promoting integrated, contextual academic training for students of theology and future pastors

• Promoting integrated, contextual non-academic training for interested lay people

• Ongoing development and production of theological and socially relevant educational materials

• Improving conditions for study and the learning infrastructure at theological institutions

• Promoting networking and exchanges among church leaders to encourage them to reflect on and broaden their own theological basis