Peru, Education

Resolving conflicts, overcoming violence (EMAUS)

Number: 476.1011

In an environment characterised by poverty and domestic as well as political-institutional violence, the Centro de Espiritualidades Emaús offers an individual support and counselling service to the victims of violence. This institution expanded its commitment in the educational sector during 2013. To schools as well as public and private institutions, it offers courses on violence, conflict transformation, non-violent communication and education/upbringing.

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  • Workshops are conducted in schools to analyse the forms and causes of violence, and participants work together to develop strategies for preventing violence in the school and family context. Participants learn techniques of successful non-violent communication, mediation, de-escalation and non-violent conflict resolution.

  • Workshops on sociopolitical issues are staged for young people.

  • Women from the 'La Victoria' district organisation are trained to provide support for families.