Cameroon, Education

Securing the basis of life for women and young people

Number: 134.1006

The Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) is involved in areas of social work that are neglected by the government: examples include education, healthcare and fighting youth unemployment. For instance, the PCC runs youth centres where young people receive support with their professional and personal development. Women and men can attend literacy courses, or obtain support with setting up small businesses to improve their income. Mission 21 supports its partner church with these activities. This commitment to the civilian population is exceptionally important in the context of the current political conflict..


  Young people are given support with their development, empowering them to build up independent lives for themselves. This takes place in youth centres and also through training courses and a highly diversified programme that emphasises the importance of individual initiative and personal responsibility.

  Men receive economic support through ongoing training and income promotion projects. In addition, they become more aware of their social responsibilities by participating in joint activities. They have a better perception of their functions within the context of rapid social change in Cameroon.

  Women learn how to network with one another, exchange their knowledge and work together in cooperatives.

  Literacy courses and other continuing education activities are improving women's economic circumstances.

  Each year, a "Study Book" is published: the women can use this as a textbook providing explanations of topics that are relevant to them.

  Internally displaced people are integrated into these activities.

The services provided by the PCC offer opportunities for encounters between individuals of different ages and from different ethnic and social backgrounds.