Nigeria, Education

Strengthened for the future: education and healthcare promotion in Nigeria

Number: 162.1002

Women play an enormously important part in social cohesion and economic development in Nigeria. However, they frequently suffer structural disadvantages in society. For this reason, the Church of the Brethren, Nigeria (EYN), a partner church of Mission 21, specifically targets its efforts at strengthening the role of women. The Church creates opportunities for training and further education to strengthen the basic skills not only of women, but also of other people in need. In addition, the EYN carries out work to spread information about preventive healthcare, and provides support for people with infectious diseases. Through these activities, society is made more aware of preventive measures and hygiene precautions, and the stigmatisation of people living with HIV is reduced.

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• Developing informative and educational materials

• Campaigns to give women and girls better opportunities to undergo education

• Awareness-raising activities to promote domestic hygiene, mother-and-child health, and healthy nutrition

• Creation of a government-validated knowledge database of naturopathic products for everyday household use

• Workshops for the production of resource-saving cooking stoves

• Awareness-raising activities to prevent infectious diseases such as HIV, together with confidential advice and support

• Campaigns to reduce stigmatisation of people living with HIV and discrimination against them