South Sudan, Education

Strengthened for the future: education, schools and children's centre

Number: 179.1010

Many public schools in South Sudan have had to be closed on account of the conflict raging in the country. Schools run by church institutions operate under difficult conditions. About 70% of children of primary school age are unable to attend classes. Most of them are girls. The Presbyterian Church of South Sudan (PCOSS), Mission 21's partner church, is involved in building and renovating classrooms. The church also trains teaching staff on dealing with traumatised children. Children who are living on the streets with no support whatsoever are at especially high risk of being recruited by the military. The PCOSS operates a children's home which offers refuge, education and psychosocial support to children who have no alternatives.




The Education Department of the PCOSS carries out the following activities:

  • Establishing schools as 'peace zones' for children

  • Strengthening primary and secondary schools as well as teaching staff in order to raise the level of education

  • Reconstruction, renovation and refurbishment of classrooms

  • Strengthening care at home for children who grow up without family support

  • Strengthening parent-teacher associations

  • Training for school staff on new teaching methods and school management

  • Theoretical and practical training courses on preventive healthcare and psychosocial support

  • Comprehensive training for theological students

  • Supervision and support for socially vulnerable children in the Muhaba Centre children's home