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Empowering grass-roots communities

Number: 200.1010

In Indonesia, pastoral staff play an important part in efforts to achieve greater peace and justice. They are trusted figures who often enjoy greater recognition in the communities than government representatives. This is why the quality of their basic and ongoing education is the focal point of this project. Teaching and practice at church educational institutions should prepare future pastors to cope with the challenges posed in their grass-roots communities, such as land-grabbing, discrimination against minorities and restrictions on the free practice of religion.

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By imparting a contextual theology to future pastors, they are empowered to deal more effectively with pressing social problems. Activities include:

  • Development of contextual theology in Indonesie with national consultation, exchanges for lecturers, Study Institute for college management staff and Summer School for students (PERSETIA)

  • Development of contextual feminist theology in Indonesia (PERUATI)

  • Publication of books on contextual theology, religion in plural society and gender equity (BPK GM)

  • Publication of 'Sophia' (a journal for feminist theology), annually since 2000 (PERUATI)

  • Pastoral cycle: analysis of the social situation, evaluation and planning of action to improve the situation based on theological knowledge

  • Operational contributions to theological colleges (STT-GKE, LS-PCS)

  • Development of the library (STT-GKE)

  • Scholarships for socially relevant research work and dissertations (UKDW)

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