Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peace promotion

Support for women subject to violence in Asia

Number: 225.1008

Trafficking in women and children and domestic violence are widespread in Indonesia and Malaysia. In addition, hundreds of thousands of women from Indonesia work as domestic workers in other Asian countries to support their families. These women often become victims of violence and exploitation. The project protects and supports women affected by violence. It advocates for women's rights and for overcoming domestic violence and improves the situation of migrant women workers. Activities include women's shelters, schools for migrant children, legal counselling and economic, psychological and medical support services. The campaign for women's rights is supported by campaigns and the establishment of a regional activist network.


- Prevention activities, such as capacity building for community leaders, educators and activists, and public awareness campaigns on the issues of gender norms and power relations: Gender norms and power relations; physical safety and protection; legal frameworks and access to justice; safe access to basic needs; economic, educational and social equity.
- Support for people affected by sexual and gender-based violence, including: physical health; mental and psychosocial health; legal assistance and physical protection; socio-economic empowerment; schooling for children of irregular immigrants.
- Asia Regional Platform on Safe and Fair Migration for mutual learning, networking with authorities and other stakeholders, and joint action planning for better regional coordination and transnational accompaniment of victims.