Tanzania, Cooperation programme

Tanzania cooperation programme

Number: 186.1001

The cooperation programme groups together all Mission 21's projects in Tanzania and orients them towards a common objective. This enhances the impact of the individual projects. By donating to the cooperation programme, you will make it possible for your donation to go to those projects in Tanzania where money is most urgently needed. This avoids over- or under-financing.

Background information

The South and South-West Provinces of the Moravian Church devote their efforts to people on the edge of Tanzanian society in the almost inaccessible highlands in the south-west of the country. The churches maintain projects to combat poverty in remote locations that are not served by government welfare programmes. They operate vocational training centres, secondary schools and theological training facilities. In this context, they see education as the key to a better future. Mission 21 supports its two partner churches so that women and orphans are given opportunities for education, enabling them to find ways out of poverty.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic poses a major challenge to Tanzanian society. One particular focus of the committed efforts by Mission 21 and its Tanzanian partner churches is to ensure that AIDS orphans receive full schooling and vocational training, and that they are given psychosocial support. This goes hand-in-hand with an extensive programme to prevent new HIV infections and to provide support for the sick through self-help groups. Our two partner churches operate at the social level, ensuring that positive support is provided for society as a whole.

Living with HIV: Young adults and children help themselves

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