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Trained for work in grassroots communities

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The Evangelical Theological Community of Chile (CTE), with a sponsorship of eight churches, is the only Protestant educational institution in Chile to offer theological education and training at an academic level. This is primarily aimed at people from the various Protestant churches in Chile and is holistic and open to the diversity of Christian traditions. 
In the various training programmes, the CTE prepares the participants for their future work in the evangelical churches. prepares participants for their future work in the church and society, and and society and attaches particular importance to a socially critical educational programme that advocates for the social inclusion of dissidents and minorities The CTE's various training programmes prepare participants for their future work in the church and society and place particular emphasis on a socially critical educational programme that advocates the inclusion of dissenters and minorities in society and counteracts a fundamentalist reading of the Bible that, among other things, cements stereotypical gender roles and promotes anti-democratic state and social structures.

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The CTE offers various training courses that can be completed with a diploma, the "Bachillerato" or the "Lizentiat".
Mission 21 co-finances the various courses of study.

  • The diploma courses Theological Studies and Biblical Studies last two semesters each and offer a comprehensive basic theological basic training. These courses are completed in the so-called extension programme.
  • The academic courses at the "Bachillerato" and licentiate level last two and four semesters respectively. Before the pandemic, the courses were held evenings and at weekends in Santiago and Concepción before the pandemic. and Concepción, thus accommodating the majority of the students, who gainful employment during the day. 
  • In order to expand the circle of potential theology students, the CTE expanded its existing virtual study programme during the pandemic, so that even more students participated in the training programme than before the pandemic. 
  • In addition to the regular courses of study, the CTE also trains teachers for religious education in public chools.

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