Peru, Education

Training for a culture of openness and solidarity

Number: 476.1003

The Asociación Educativa Teológica Evangélica (Evangelical Theological Educational Association, AETE) is an educational institution focusing on Evangelical-ecumenical theology. It offers training on church and social commitments to full-time pastoral staff as well as volunteers and those with religious interests. Among other skills, students are taught how to set change processes in motion in their respective environments. AETE was initially established by Evangelical churches from ecumenical circles as the Peruvian branch of the Latin American Biblical University (UBL) of Costa Rica. It has operated independently of the UBL since 2012.

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  • The AETE offers an academic/theological study course leading to a bachelor's degree. Mission 21 supports this program through scholarships.

  • It also offers two or three continuing educational courses each year on specialised topics such as: Gender and Church, Physical Disability and Theology, Pastoral Care for Children, etc. 

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