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Fighting corruption by good governance

Number: 200.1005

Capable, well-managed organisations are essential in order to provide effective assistance for people on the margins of society. This is why Mission 21 provides advice and regular training for its partner churches in Indonesia and Malaysia as a way of supporting their efforts to achieve good organisational management. Contributions towards training are allocated on a targeted basis so as to ensure the availability of motivated management staff who are properly qualified for their tasks.

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Background information

Mission 21 has many years' experience of collaboration with grass-roots church and Islamic organisations in Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong that support peace work and women's rights. This has resulted in trust-based relationships, sound knowledge of the context and networks that are firmly established in the respective regions. All of these factors provide an ideal basis for implementing locally sponsored interfaith projects coordinated at supra-regional level, aimed at improving the situation of women in the family and in society as a whole.

At present, our specific task within the collaboration with our partner churches is to train management staff on aspects of good organisational management, or good governance. At present, the focus is particularly on finance and human resources, project management and the prevention of sexualised abuse of power. Mission 21 verifies compliance with regulations and applies the internationally valid principles of bookkeeping and accounting.

On many occasions in the past, Mission 21 awarded scholarships to assist capable young talents who would otherwise have been unable to afford to study. This tradition was then continued by the partner churches after they became independent. Nowadays, the churches themselves are responsible for ensuring an influx of new management staff, and they award scholarships that are co-financed by Mission 21. 



• "The Church is Fighting Corruption" campaign (Indonesian Communion of Churches (PGI) and member churches)

• Annual platform with workshops on key issues of good organisational management, with all Responsible Project Officers and management staff of the partner organisations involved in the Asia cooperation programme

• Supporting the regional partner Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) in organizing workshops on good organizational governance for its approximately 120 member churches and confederations

• Regular audits and subsequent support with implementing the recommendations (for the PGI and the partner churches (Gospel Propagating Christian Church (GKPI), Basel Christian Church of Malaysia (BCCM-BM), Protestant Church in Sabah (PCS) and the Sabah Theological Seminary (STS))

• Advice and support in connection with expanding the capacities of the partner churches (BCCM-BM, PCS and GKPI) to achieve independence as regards theology, staffing and finance

• Scholarships to enable employees of the partner organisations to undergo further education (as part of support for developing the partner churches' capacities and also as sponsored scholarships)