DR Congo, Education

Universities work for a life in dignity

Number: 197.1004

The Congo Protestant University (Université Protestante au Congo, UPC) in Kinshasa is a Protestant university with students from different denominations. In 2008, a medical faculty was added to the university's theological and economic/law faculties. The Congolese-German Centre for Microfinance (CCAM) is also affiliated to the UPC. The University offers instruction at a high academic level with the aim of providing the country with future leaders and managers. The intention is for them to help overcome social challenges and also to serve at leadership level in the churches. The aspect of Christian ethics is an especially important element of education at the UPC.

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• The Minérval Fund pays contributions towards course fees for gifted students in all faculties who come from families with insufficient financial resources. This fund is managed independently by the University.

Mission is contributing towards the renewal, expansion and updating of the library's stock of books.

A contribution is also made towards the salaries of teaching staff in the Theological Faculty.