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University education for tomorrow's society

Number: 134.1014

Social cohesion in Cameroon is threatened by corruption, the rising cost of living, unemployment and terrorist attacks by Boko Haram. For some time, moreover, this country has been plagued by civil unrest stemming from a dispute between the central government and the English-speaking population. Given this background, good academic training for qualified theologians is critically important. The Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Kumba (PTS) and the Faculty of Theology in Yaoundé (PUCA) train pastoral staff with an ecumenically open approach and with due regard for Cameroon's traditions. They ensure that the churches exploit their potential to voice their views on crucial social problems and to offer practical assistance.

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• Bachelor of Theology programm and Masters course in theology

• 'Licence-Maîtrise-Doctorat' programme

• Training for laypeople

• Training and income promotion for pastors' families

• Implementation of the new "Eco-Theology" programme