DR Congo, Education

Vocational Training Centre in Wamba-Luadi

Number: 197.1809

The crafts school in Wamba-Luadi offers a four-year course of solid vocational training in carpentry, construction and, since the beginning of 2020, also in forestry, pedagogy and commercial training. It is a state-recognised training institute with its own facilities and accommodation for apprentices and teaching staff. Thanks to their training in the training centre, young men and women have a good chance on the labour market. After completing their apprenticeship, the graduates of the carpentry training receive a complete set of hand tools, which is an important aid to starting their professional life.



  • The crafts school offers a solid four-year training in various fields for young adults from Kwango Province: carpentry, building trades (bricklaying) and, most recently, forestry, pedagogy and commercial training.
  • Motivation of young women for vocational training.
  • Further training for the teachers.
  • The school of handicrafts improves its infrastructure and offers the students good workplaces, tools of the trade and suitable accommodation.
  • Promotion of the craft school's own income through the sale of furniture, the establishment of a school garden and small animal husbandry.
  • Increasing income opportunities for the graduates by handing over toolkits and setting up production facilities.