DR Congo, Education

Vocational Training Centre in Wamba-Luadi

Number: 197.1809

The craft school at Wamba-Luadi offers three-year training courses that provide a solid vocational grounding in carpentry and construction skills. This is a government-recognised training institution with its own workshops and accommodation for the students and teaching staff. Thanks to their training at the Craft School, young men and women benefit from good chances on the labour market. This project encourages them to earn their own livelihoods by presenting each apprentice with a complete set of hand tools on graduation. With the help of this start-up support, most students have no problems in setting up their own workshops in their villages or in joining a craft collective.

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• The Craft School is modernising its teaching operation by upgrading the quality of instruction in its principal subjects (carpentry and construction skills), and by providing good workplaces, hand tools and suitable accommodation for the students. A new building for the construction skills class is beeing completed and the dormitories and the kitchen for the students are being renovated.

• Classes studying these subjects take part in simple construction projects in the region, enabling them to learn how to apply improved designs and techniques. 

• The Craft School develops expertise on the use and processing of local materials such as bamboo, clay and natural fibres. It promotes the cultivation and processing of bamboo, and also manufactures clay bricks.  

• The Craft School networks with craftspeople in the province and offers them continuing professional development courses. The school presents its work and products at a regional market.