DR Congo, Agriculture and livelihood security

Women farmers provide local seeds and practice ecological farming

Number: 197.1813

This project promotes integrated and sustainable agricultural development, creating the conditions for adequate and balanced nutrition in Kwango Province in the south-west of the DR Congo. Families of small farmers attend practice-oriented courses on ecological agriculture that provide them with the expertise and advice they need. Women farmers are given support so they can propagate good seeds themselves and cultivate the diverse range of local varieties. They process the harvest from their own fields, thus creating added value that improves their income. Our partner organisation, the CEK, focuses these activities at six locations: its advisory service reaches over 80,000 people, thanks not least to collaboration with a local radio station in Kwango.


• Women farmers attend practice-oriented courses that teach them how to improve their own seeds and cultivate the diverse local plant varieties. They are supported with organizing themselves into "seed circles" and breeding successful varieties with good resistance.

• An agricultural advisory service is available to assist families of small farmers in five villages. They deepen their knowledge of ecological farming practices such as crop rotation, green manuring and biological control of plant diseases and pests.

• Four village communities have set up their own tree nurseries where they produce seedlings for the afforestation of areas impacted by soil erosion. They use tree species that can be utilised for building or for feeding goats and sheep.

• Village cooperatives of women farmers receive support and training on processing, storing and marketing the products they harvest.