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The Mission Synod is the highest decision-making body of Mission 21. The partner churches and organizations from Africa, Asia and Latin America as well as Europe are represented in it. The first international mission synod took place in 2004 and since 2013 the delegates have met annually. The body sets the framework for the organization's work in each case, but also discusses the concrete situations and concerns of the people in the partner countries.

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Mission Synod 2021

About 40 delegates and guests from four continents met from Thursday, June 10, to Saturday, June 12, and set the course for Mission 21 in 2022. The burning issues revolved around the effects of the past pandemic year on the people in Mission 21's 20 partner countries. The various statements from the respective continental assemblies impressively explained how existing problems have worsened and what new challenges Mission 21 and its partner churches and organizations must face. Whether in Africa, Asia or Latin America, the pandemic has led to more poverty and also to more violence against women and children.

The pandemic once again prevented a meeting in Switzerland. While last year the agenda was still processed via email correspondence, this year the delegates met for the first time via video chat for the 2021 Mission Synod. The synod week was brought to a festive close with a church service on Sunday, June 13, which was also streamed online.


The Mission Synod 2020

The Synod was planned for 12/13 June and the Mission Festival for 14 June 2020. All events were cancelled or postponed to the digital level due to the Corona pandemic. The delegates from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America took the necessary decisions digitally for the first time. The annual accounts and the annual report were approved, the strategy and the framework budget - with the planned savings for 2021 - were approved. The Synod elected a new member of the Board. Gerhard Bütschi-Hassler from the canton of Aargau was elected to replace Kurt Kägi (AI), who resigned. The Synod 2021 will again take place in mid-June - but this time there will also be restrictions due to the Corona pandemic.

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