Mission 21 operates internationally to bring about a fairer world. Since 1815, we have been sending out a message of hope based on the Christian faith and human rights. All over the world, we work to promote peace, improve education and healthcare, and to support agriculture and livelihood security. We focus our efforts on women and girls in particular. In 20 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America, we are involved in over 100 projects in the fields of long-term development cooperation, emergency relief and reconstruction. We work jointly with over 70 partner churches and partner organisations across the globe, and we engage in professional exchange and cooperation at eye level. In Switzerland, Mission 21 carries out educational work and contributes to interfaith understanding. Mission 21 receives support from the Protestant Church in Switzerland (PCS) and from the Agency for Development and Cooperation of the Swiss Confederation (SDC). Mission 21 is recognised as a charitable organisation and is certified by ZEWO (the Swiss organisation for transparency in charitable foundations) and EduQua (the Swiss quality label for further education institutions).

    Mission 21 sends out a message of hope – throughout the world, and for over 200 years

    Mission 21's core themes

    Mission 21 aims to improve education and health, to promote peace and to support agriculture and livelihood security in Asia, Africa and Latin America. We focus on the peaceful potential of religion as a resource to deliver quality and sustainability in development cooperation  (► "Religion and development cooperation" as a pdf). We advocate gender equity and capacity development in all our programmes and projects.

    All human beings should be able to lead lives that are free from discrimination, regardless of their religious affiliation, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Throughout the world, women often suffer major disadvantages. This is why support for women's rights and gender justice is an integral element of all Mission 21's projects and programmes.

    Capacity development means developing skills and abilities through ongoing education. Through capacity development, Mission 21 strengthens people, organisations and societies so that they can acquire, strengthen and maintain skills and abilities. They should set their own development goals and be able to achieve them effectively and sustainably.


    Education enables people to shape their own lives and shoulder responsibilities in society. We promote literacy in our partner countries: projects on basic education in reading, writing and mathematics. We support vocational training and adult education. We foster self-confidence among people in marginalised groups of the population so that they can stand up for themselves and claim their right to live in dignity.

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    More than one billion people across the globe have no guaranteed access to medical care. Mission 21 helps people in remote and rural regions to obtain medical care. We support projects that promote sexual and reproductive health for vulnerable groups of the population. We are committed to the fight against HIV and to combating discrimination against people living with HIV.

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    Peace promotion

    Tensions and violence are on the increase in many of our partner countries. We work at eye level with people on the ground to resolve conflicts and counteract structural violence by peaceful means. We oppose violence against women and children. Religious or ethnic aspects often play a key part in conflicts. In these situations, Mission 21 contributes its expertise in interfaith and intercultural peace work.

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    Agriculture and livelihood security

    The right to food is a fundamental human right. Although sufficient food is produced to meet global needs, about 870 million people are starving and another billion are chronically malnourished. Mission 21 supports projects aimed at enabling disadvantaged people – especially small farmers and their families – to benefit from healthy nutrition and to lead their lives in dignity.

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    Educational work in Switzerland

    Our educational programmes in Switzerland develop awareness and knowledge of interrelated global issues and social responsibilities. The content of our programmes is geared to Mission 21's core themes: healthcare, education, peace promotion, and agriculture and livelihood security, and we empower people to advocate solidarity, justice and peace.

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    Annual Report and Financial Report

    The Annual Report provides information about Mission 21's work and our principles, and it shows how we put those principles into practice during the year under review. It includes the annual financial statement together with details about the origin and use of funds. The main donor groups are mentioned by name. The Report also includes information about the mission organisation's structure and governing bodies, together with a brief portrait of Mission 21. The Annual Report is published every June to coincide with Mission 21's international Mission Synod.

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    2019 Financial Report

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