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    Mission 21 is part of an international movement for gender justice. Gender justice is achieved when all people – irrespective of their gender and sexual orientation – can lead lives free of discrimination. Mission 21 has the vision of a world where human rights are also entirely and fully valid for women. To realise this vision, Mission 21's Women and Gender Staff Unit works at three strategic levels: gender mainstreaming, advocacy and targeted financial support for women.

    Gender mainstreaming

    Women and men design and develop Mission 21's programmes on the basis of equal rights. Equal consideration is given to the concerns and experiences of both genders when we plan and implement our programmes. We strive for gender justice, and our aim is that women and men should have the same access to financial resources and services. Likewise, they should have the same rights of codetermination and participation in decisions in their churches and organisations. This gender mainstreaming process is an effective and sustainable strategy for achieving gender justice. The Women and Gender Staff Unit supports gender mainstreaming processes in our programmes and projects.


    Advocacy means speaking or acting in support of a particular cause. Together with our partners, we endeavour to achieve better living conditions for disadvantaged people. Influencing public opinion is also an effective strategy for achieving this goal, and it is this conviction that provides the basis for advocacy work. Our objective is to empower women to voice their concerns in public and to demand their rights. Workshops enable key players from partner organisations to acquire the skills they need. They are empowered to stand up for human rights for women, and they learn how to use new advocacy instruments. They pass the knowledge they have acquired on to others in their societies, organisations or churches. In these ways, Mission 21 strengthens our partners' advocacy work by women as well as men at the local, national and international levels.

    Women's Letter and Blog

    The Women's Letter offers a platform for exchange and networking to women on four continents. It is published once every year in five languages.

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    The Women's and Gender Blog keeps interested readers up to speed on the latest news from Mission 21's networks for women. The "Tools", "Portraits" and "Memories" sections also contain exciting stories, information and additional links.

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    Solidarity action: I walk with

    At the International Women's Pre-Synod 2018 the solidarity action "I walk with..." was transferred for another year. After Suzan Mark from Nigeria and her commitment to gender justice and peace for disadvantaged women were at the centre of the action at the last women's presynod in June 2017, it is Obertina Johanis from Indonesia who will be in charge until the next women's presynod in 2019. The pastor is a financial manager and consultant in the "Pasundan-Durebang", a centre for victims of human trafficking and domestic violence in Bandung. It belongs to the Pasundan Church (GKP). Obertina fights intensively against human trafficking and for the rights of young migrant worker girls who go in large numbers to Hong Kong or Malaysia and are often abused and exploited there. Many of them return to Indonesia heavily traumatised, if alive at all.

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