JointAction is the international advocacy campaign of the youth network young@mission21 and takes place in autumn. You can join the campaign alone, with friends or as a group. Make sure that you follow the actions from all over the world on social media under #jointaction.


    2021: JointAction We eat the world

    Food is essential, traditional, political. With the JointAction: We eat the world we therefore took a look at food around the world and what people in different places eat, where the ingredients come from and how it is it all linked to cultures, religion and global justice.

    In fall 2021, we collected recipes with stories, pictures or backgrounds of your favourite dishes from our international network and compiled them into an international recipe collection with inspirations from all over the world. After presenting the different recipes and themes via Instagram and Facebook, we offer the International Recipe Collection to download for free. We hope you enjoy trying them out!

    For the conclusion of this year's JointAction we gathered for a communal international meal and released instructions for a recipe via our social media channels. You can watch the video here.

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